Monday, June 13, 2011

What to do???

I'm thinking of quitting this blogging thing. First of all, I haven't kept up with it very much and when I do, I don't usually have anything worthwhile to say. Second, I don't think anyone reads it anyway - except you, Dawn!!

But, then, on the other hand, if at some point I decide to participate in Blog Hops at OWH, then I would need it. Didn't get to participate in the Memorial Day Hop but there will be more in the future. Plus, isn't having a blog sort of like keeping a diary except that the whole world can see it?! I was never very good at keeping up-to-date with my diary when I was a young girl either!

June 8th I went for my six month checkup and everything is fine! It also happened to be the fifth anniversary of the day I had the biopsy that confirmed that yes, I did have breast cancer. On my way to the doctor I couldn't help but think how different this June 8th was compared to the June 8th of 2006. For one thing, I'm living in a different state and going to a different doctor. This time the only thing I was nervous about was the blood draw! Since my chemo treatments my veins have shrunk and sometimes it's hard to get a good vein. But, I have to give kudos to the nurses at Sarah Cannon, they do an excellent job! I have been there three times since we moved to TN and each time I hardly even felt the needle and they got it the first try!!!

Today I had to go get my yearly mammo and bone density test. I was talking with the tech after the mammo and we were discussing how different it is today than years ago. We remember the days when they really squeezed hard and it hurt like the dickens! Plus, back then, the techs actually left the room so ya had to wait for them to come back in to release the pressure. Now, they are in the room and it's released as soon as they get the picture. It's uncomfortable but not so bad. I can remember one time back in the day when I was almost in tears from the pain. Maybe some day they'll come up with an even easier method. So, ladies, if you have never had or are due for a mammo, go ahead and get it done. Don't be afraid! The alternative is a lot worse.

As far as having a bone density test - it's a piece of cake. You just lay on the table and the scanner goes over you. No changing of clothes and no pain whatsoever.

An update on Matthew - he is doing well. His back is much better. After my last post about him having Follicular Non-Hodgkin's, we went to Fox Chase in Philly to see a specialist. After reviewing all his tests and looking at the slides, the doctor concluded that he is not 100% sure Matthew has it. They think his enlarged lymph nodes could have been from the operation. They told him not to worry about it, but just to put it in the back of his mind and live his life. He does have to go for another CT scan for comparison to the first one. That will tell them more. If it is the same or there's nothing there, then it is indeed just swelling. If there is a change with additional spots, then they will go from there.

The TN grans stay with us every weekend, now including 3 year old Lizzie. The past couple weekends, she has stayed one night. Though yesterday when we had to take them back home, she actually cried because she wanted to stay again last night. I'm worn out by the time they go home, but it is fun having them here. Can't believe I said that! I must be getting old! :-)

So far, the small veggie gardening I'm doing this year is growing good (or is it well?). I didn't get home from NJ until the middle of May so it was a late start. This year, though, the ground has been amended more so I'm praying everything will be successful, unlike last year.

We decided to try those upside down tomato planters. I had started out with one that I had bought last year at the end of the season on sale but then I bought three more this year when I found them on sale. So, I have four tomato plants in those, two in regular pots, and two planted in the ground. There are others that have come up randomly by themselves from last year's seeds. It will be interesting to see which ones produce the best tomatoes!!

There are watermelon and cukes growing from last year, too. The only other thing I actually planted myself was corn, which is growing quite well. I am keeping it watered and trying to keep it weeded.

Besides the veggies, I also planted basil and oregano in pots, but the basil is the only one that seems to be doing half way decent.

I seemed to have rattled on quite a bit for someone who is considering quitting blogging! Maybe I won't. I do kinda like to share my thoughts, even if it is just to myself!! And, like I said, it's a diary of sorts albeit public. It gives me an opportunity to go back and read about things I don't remember even writing!!

God bless! Until next time....