Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cards for Heroes

I finally have something worthwhile to write about!

Today I went down to Tuckerton to the One Little Spark stamping store for the Cards for Heroes party. As it turned out, the "party" only consisted of four of us, though a couple other people donated cards even though they couldn't be there. Those of us who were there had a fun time.

For a while, it was just the three of us (Dawn, Pat and myself), but later Sharon joined us.

Our goal was 100 cards. With cards that were donated and those we made while there (60), we wound up with 94 cards! These pictures show the cards we made:

Check out Dawn's blog as well as Pat's at One Little Spark; I'm sure they'll be telling more of the story.

It was a fun and worthwhile afternoon spent making cards for our servicemen and women.

God bless,

Friday, February 13, 2009

Holiday Wish

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Busy Week

DH and I left last Saturday morning, driving to TN to accomplish two things (1) be there for our gd first birthday and (2) take some stuff down to the new house. Friday night our friends, Gail and Vince, came over to help load up the boat and back of the truck.

We took mostly kitchen stuff as I wanted to get my kitchen ready. I had packed stuff from here that I know I won't be needing in the next few weeks. Of course, I forgot about necessary things like glasses and silverware! But, we made do with plasticware. In trying to be green, I just washed what we used instead of throwing it out.

We stayed overnight on Saturday with Erica and family, went to church and then out to the house to unload everything. Brian and the two younger kids had to leave for a Super Bowl party but Erica stayed to help. Of course, I started to feel overwhelmed with where I was gonna put what. Thankfully, my DD is good at organizing. First she made up a chart of the cabinets and then we decided what would go where. It helped me quite a bit during the week as I unpacked.

I didn't realize we live so far out in the boondocks!! It didn't seem that far when we were going out to look at the place before we bought it. But, we love it! It's quiet and peaceful with no traffic or low flying planes overhead! Here we are sitting on the front porch swing.

The two older grandchildren stayed with DH and I most of the week. The master bedroom, which will be my MIL's, has a jacuzzi tub and they had a ball playing it! I've never had one before and had no idea how to even use it but GS had been in one so he knew what to do! Maybe one of these years I'll have an opportunity to give it a try. Looked really relaxing

Thursday was GD first birthday. Here are some pictures for Aunt Dawn to enjoy!!

We had a good laugh because she just grabbed the money and didn't want to give it back!!

We took the children to the Discovery Musuem on Thursday. It was a really neat place! We will have to go back there again sometime because there is an outdoors part but it was too cold to be outside.

We left yesterday morning for New Jersey. In Staunton, VA we decided to stay for the night. Poor Gene did most of the driving. I drove for about two hours on the way down but he did all the driving coming home. It seems I've caught the cold that everyone else had all week and was just too tired and drained to do much of anything but sit and veg. I didn't even read my book, which is usually my favorite traveling pastime. On our way down I actually got DH to listen to a book on tape, which he seemed to enjoy. I will have to remember next time to bring more than one. It also made the time go quicker.

It looks like we'll be making a couple more trips down before we make our final move since DH has to take his motorcycle and the riding mower as well as some of the garden equipment. We're hoping to be able to hire a mover. We'll see how that goes.

Time to hit the hay. It'll be good to sleep in our own bed!

God bless,