Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Highlights

I feel bad because I haven't been on here since October and now it's January 1, 2011 which I can't believe! Where has the time gone?

The biggest thing that happened in 2010 was our move to TN in March. That's hard to believe, too - that we've been here almost 10 months already. I would say we are quite adjusted to being retired and living in TN. It's no longer a strange place. It's getting more familiar every day. I love our home and where we live. It's so quiet, peaceful and quite relaxing; that is, until the grandchildren come to visit!!! LOL!!

And, come they do! Just about every weekend. Which is okay because that was the main reason for moving to TN - to be able to see the grans grow up. During the summer our oldest granddaughter stayed with us for a few weeks. She didn't want to go home! Of course, having her BFF living in the neighborhood prompted part of that desire! Living in the country allows the children to have plenty of room to run and play without bothering neighbors or having to watch for traffic around the apartment where they currently live.

During the Summer and Fall we had quite a few friends and family visit which was fun! It started over the July 4th holiday with our son coming from NJ and Gene's brother Stew coming from FL. Private fireworks are permitted in TN so on July 4th we had our own fireworks display as did several of our neighbors. It was really cool! The weather was soooooo hot it was too unbearable to be outside for long so we didn't do any sightseeing but my BIL wanted to see the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, which we did one afternoon. I like country music, but after awhile I was bored but Stew enjoyed it so that's what counts!

Our next visitors were our friends from NJ, Bernie & Ray, who came for a week in September. They had been to Nashville already so didn't care to go there again. One day we went to Chattanooga to Ruby Falls, the State Aquarium and then over to see the Chattanooga Choo Choo. We ate a delicious dinner at the Gardens Restaurant. Another day we went to the Jack Daniels Brewery, which was quite interesting. We learned about some TN Civil War history at the Carnton Plantation and Carter House, both in Franklin. One Sunday afternoon we went to the Little Theater in Murfreesboro to see "The Boys Next Door". We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the show! Bernie & Ray said they had a great time and plan to come again!!We're looking forward to another visit!

In October we had visits from two sets of friends from Jersey. First, Gail & Vince came for four days. We took them to see the Children's Holocaust Museum in Whitwell. All of us had been looking forward to seeing this. It is quite moving. We plan to take our grandchildren to see it, too. Another day we went over to The Stones River Battlefield in Murfreesboro. This was the site of one of the bloodiest battles in the Civil War and one which most people are not even aware of! Unfortunately, Gail & Vince couldn't stay too long as they were headed to NC to visit other friends as well. It was good seeing them!

The day after they left, Marian and Eddie came. They were doing the opposite of what Gail & Vince did - they visited family in NC and then came to TN. Their visit was quite short...they arrived on Saturday in their camper and had to leave on Monday. They originally had planned to visit for a few days more but had to get back home. Even though they couldn't stay long, it was still good to have them here. As I told Marian, having our friends visit make it seem like NJ isn't so far away.

In early November Gene's brother, Lee, visited from AZ. He arrived on Friday night and had to leave to visit friends in PA the following Wednesday. Lee lived in the Nashville area years ago. We haven't seen him in a couple of years so it was good to have him visit. He really liked the area and enjoyed the peace and quiet, too!

Our favorite Aunt visited from PA for a week at Thanksgiving! Aunt Thelma is my MIL's younger sister. It is always a pleasure to see her! We enjoy just sitting and talking with her. She is one of those people who doesn't care to do sightseeing but we did take her over to the newly reopened Opryland Hotel. She fell in love with it and declared that if she ever got remarried (she's been a widow for a very long time), one of the stipulations for marriage would be to honeymoon at the Opryhand Hotel!!! LOL!!

Our last visitors for 2010 were Matthew and his dog, Titus, who came for Christmas. The weatherman kept predicting icy weather for Christmas Eve and Christmas, so after all of us attending Christmas Eve service at church, Calvary Chapel of Murfreesboro, our daughter and her family spent the weekend at our house as well. Even though it was quite noisy and a little hectic, it was fun to have a houseful of family together! As it turned out we did have about 1" of snow for Christmas!

That about wraps up our 2010! I wish God's blessings on your New Year!!