Sunday, October 25, 2009

Healing - An Anniversary Forgotten

Last Wednesday I went with a friend of mine and her husband to see a breast cancer surgeon. She had been told to see one after her mammo showed an unusual lump. It was suggested that she have a biopsy done. While we were there, the doctor gave her the option of going back another day for the biopsy or having it done the same day. She chose to get it over with. As of this writing, we're still waiting for the results.

The next day another friend of mine who knew where I was going, said to me "Now that it's all over I can tell you what I think." She had been upset with my going with my other friend because she thought that it would bring back memories for me and get me upset to be at the surgeon's office and waiting to find out the results of the biopsy. But, she was wrong. It didn't bother me in the least. I didn't even think about my own situation except that I wanted to be of support and help to my friend.

Later on in the evening I got to thinking about what my second friend had said. Then, it dawned on me. The third anniversary of my mastectomy had come and gone on Monday and I hadn't even thought about it for a second.

I remember shortly after I was diagnosed in 2006 reading an article written by a breast cancer survivor. At the end of the article, she wrote that there would come a day when the whole day would go by without one thought of breast cancer. You know what, she was absolutely right! In fact, other than the fact that every morning I have to take meds to combat reocurrence, I hardly think about it at all. Even then, I don't consciously think I'm taking these meds for breast cancer; they're just my meds.

I guess missing an anniversary like this is what real healing is and I thank the Lord!! I know that if it wasn't for His grace and mercy, I would not be here to not remember!!

I Made My Goal!!!

Actually, I hadn't originally set a goal but as time went by and I started counting the Christmas cards I had made for Operation Write Home, I decided to make 50 cards. I finally finished the last three today!! Will be getting them in the mail this week.