Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Midweek Throwdown Challenge from S & S

I've done a number of the Stars and Stamps Sketch Challenges but this is the first Midweek Challenge I have done. It caught my eye because the theme is "Christmas in July". I've been busy making Christmas cards for Operation Write Home the past couple weeks. So, I grabbed one I have done and am submitting it to the Midweek Challenge. Unfortunately, the picture isn't very good. I tried taking shot after shot and for some reason, they just aren't coming out clear.

But, here is my card for the Christmas in July Challenge:

The paper is just 65# white cardstock. I used the D'vine Swirls cuttlebug folder for the background and added gold stickles. The stamp is from SU as is the ink used. The ribbon is something I found in my stash.

Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thoughts and Creations

My blog heading is a little misleading today. I don't have many thoughts about anything significant and haven't really been doing much creating lately.

A couple weeks ago our son visited from NJ and DH's brother came from Florida. It was really great to see them both. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do much sightseeing. It was just too darned hot! The whole family did go into Nashville one afternoon. Some of us went to the Country Music Hall of Fame (the one place my BIL wanted to see) while the rest hung around in the park across the street with the children, which I think is called the Hall of Fame Rose Garden (but don't quote me on that!).

After the Hall of Fame, we walked around Nashville for awhile. Went down to the river to get an idea of how high the water had to come up to flood so much of the city. Pretty high! We also toured Fort Nashborough and had a little history lesson.

It's been a couple years since we've seen DH's brother and about two months since we've been to NJ. Hopefully, we'll make it back in September sometime. That's my plan anyway, but we all know how the best laid plans of mice and men go sometimes! We will be having friends visiting from NJ the first week in September. Then, in October, other friends are coming to visit. Sometime in between there I want to get back so I can dig up some more plants, get the rest of my compost, and any other stuff we didn't get to bring yet.

The weather here has been awful hot, like it seems to be in most of the country. Today was overcast and I was hoping it would rain but it didn't. Of course, if I had gone ahead and watered the garden, it would have rained but since I decided to wait and see, it didn't!

Considering I didn't get around to planting my veggies until later than usual, things are growing pretty good except for the green beans. Something seems to be eating them. They are full of holes in the leaves but I don't see what it is that is having a feast. Everything else seems to be doing well. Lots of tomatoes with a few looking like they will be turning red any day. Can't wait to taste my first homegrown TN tomato. Of course, those of us from NJ know there is nothing to compare to a TN tomato! :-)

The 4th of July was exciting and fun!! Fireworks are not legal in NJ so we've never had them but here in TN they are. So, DS had a ball buying fireworks and then putting on a show! It was cool because most of the neighbors did, too, so it was like one big fireworks show in our own neighborhood.

Since our company left, we haven't really done much. With being "retired", it's too easy to put off until tomorrow what I should do today! Been doing a lot of reading. Today I did start to work on Christmas cards for Operation Write Home. Looking forward to September 18th. That's when Erica and I will be heading back to Pulaski for an OWH cardmaking party, making Christmas cards for our heroes! We had a good time the last time we went.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. Take care and God bless.