Tuesday, February 2, 2010


According to Webster's Dictionary, retirement can mean...

1. The act of retiring.
2. The state of being retired.
3. Withdrawal from one's occupation, business, or office.
4. Withdrawal into privacy or seclusion.
5. A place of privacy or seclusion; a retreat.

In my case, #3 would fit the description. After working for Christ Lutheran Church for over 14 years, I "withdrew" from my job this past Friday, not because I don't like my job but DH and I will be moving to TN in a couple of weeks.

I loved working at CLC. The job was easy and the people are wonderful! In the 14 years I've worked there seven pastors came and went either through their own retirement or because they were interims and only there until a full time pastor was hired. Fortunately, I got along with all of them and never had any problems. The current pastor is a young man so I anticipate him being there many years.

Last Wednesday they gave me a surprise party. It truly was a surprise, too! I just can't get over the fact that with over 150 people knowing about the party, not one gave a hint to me about anything. It is truly amazing! One of the gifts they gave me was a quilt made by the ladies who come every Monday and make quilts for Lutheran World Relief and other organizations. It is beautiful! Every Sunday (because I don't attend church there), they would have the people of the congregation sign their signatures on slips of cloth which were then quilted into the main quilt. They even included a picture of the church and the ladies who quilt. It is such a great way for me to remember them all!

While it is nice not having to get up at 6:30 every morning (unless I choose to) or having to drive to work if there is ice or snow, I will miss going there and seeing many of the people who have become my friends. But through the use of e-mail, phones, snail mail (many don't have computers), and even Facebook, we'll be able to stay in touch.

And, while I'm "withdrawing from my occupation", I am certainly not "withdrawing into privacy or seclusion" (#4 & 5)!! I will be quite busy once we move, not just unpacking and arranging but getting outside to start my gardens which is one thing I'm looking forward to the most besides seeing our family.

Right now it just feels like I'm on vacation but in a couple of weeks when I don't get a paycheck, I'll know for sure I'm retired!!!

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