Friday, March 30, 2012

Trying New Things

Well, I did it! I fell for the Pinterest craze! Not without some help, though. I found it a little confusing but with my DD's help, I got the hang of it!! Actually, it's pretty cool and I'm enjoying searching for things to pin! I like seeing what others have pinned.

It took me awhile to get onto Facebook a few years ago, but now that's old hat!! I just hate that every time you turn around they seem to change it. They just can't seem to leave it alone. Not sure how I'll like the new Timeline thing, but as with all things new, pretty soon it'll be a familiar way of FB life - and then they'll come up with some new change!!

Having a blog was another new thing to me until my daughters talked me into it! Again, as with FB and Pinterest, I needed their help to get started. I find I spend more time on FB and don't keep up with blogging. Months can go by without writing anything. Of course, I don't always have, what I consider, much of interest to write about. I get intimidated by reading other blogs and seeing how well some of them are written and how interesting they are. The one thing I like about blogging is that it is sort of a diary, albiet, a public diary, but I can look back on things that have happened or what I've maybe had on my mind or heart to share.

Considering my previous blog about losing my memory, maybe it's a good thing to blog, have a FB timeline and Pinterest interests. Some day I may need these things to stimulate my memory or, if nothing else, maybe my grands will get a kick out of reading what their Nana had to say. I know I would have if my Grandmother had technology like we do and used it.

Let me hop over to FB and Pinterest and see what's going on. Til next time....

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Erica said...

I have another new thing to teach you... networked blogs. It's a way to get your blog posts onto your facebook so that all your FB friends can see it. I think there's a way to get your blog posts onto Pinterest, too, but I haven't figured that out yet. One new thing at a time. Having your posts show up on FB will bring more attention to what you are writing. So, it's a good change!

I also have an idea for you... why not write more about being a chemo angel and post more pics of the cards you make for OWH? Just a thought. Love you!